Webinar: Creating Better, Safer and More Sustainable Environments

Creating Better, Safer, and more Sustainable environments through Crowd Management Simulation: optimizing design and operations.

The benefits of human and traffic flow simulation are clear: safer communities and more cost-effective development and operations. Through the digital environment of a simulation model, we can not only answer multiple questions related to the safety of our public spaces but also test alternatives before implementing design ideas, ultimately making better-informed and more sustainable decisions, and saving on costs and lives.

Together with Business Partner PMC, we will show you how our pedestrian and traffic simulation can play a key role in the planning and operations of many different environments:

  • Office and leisure spaces:Stadiums/Arenas, Convention Centers, Schools, Shopping Centers, Office Spaces/Buildings & Hotels
  • Major transportation hubs: Airports, Public Transit (Trains, Subways & Buses)
  • Urban environments:City centers, Surroundings of major attraction poles

Through crowd simulation, you can have a human-centric infrastructure design analysis for all kinds of situations, ranging from normal operations (circulation & advertising) to emergency scenarios such as evacuation, shelter-in-place, and active shooter. It allows you to explore “What If” scenarios unavailable under normal circumstances.

Not only do InControl and PMC help you create your simulation environment, but also provide insight into potential optimizations. If you’d like to see these simulations in action from our experts, join us:


Nicolas Alejandro Obeso – Industrial Engineer, PMC

Paula Godoy – Simulation Engineer, InControl