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Today over 50% of the world’s population lives in urban areas. By 2050 this number is expected to grow to 68%. An urban center, a residential area or other infrastructure within a city should be designed in such a way to let people live, work, move and recreate in an efficient, pleasant and safe way. 

Multimodal transportation hubs are key and cities are changing towards green areas where (shared) bicycles, scooters and pedestrians will take over the dominant position of cars. This requires an understanding, optimization,  monitoring and evaluation of logistical flows.

Your challenges

Increasing urbanization adds to the globe’s ongoing industrial, transport, energy, water and waste challenges, and so the need for comprehensive master planning, monitoring and control is more and more important. (Semi) governmental institutes are facing the following challenges of creating and maintaining an efficient and for inhabitants, workers, and visitors a pleasant, safe and secure environment.

There is a year-over- year increasing demand to provide reliable models that can be incorporated in an integrated multi-modal approach. Such models allowing Authorities to manage capacity and (temporary) limitations impacting its supply chains, pedestrians, cars/trucks, bicycles and other (public) transportation modalities. It also allows for First Responders to optimize response times.

Our solution

Simulation software is the solution for answering complex, logistical issues related to capacity management, urban-planning and optimization, commerce safety and security. We support (semi) governmental institutes by delivering data, 2D- and 3D-visualization and insights in complex settings: (public)infrastructures, crowded places, and supply chains.

The InControl software can be part of a digital twin where data from several sources can be gathered, integrated, enriched, processed, and visualized. Simulation provides relevant information to get a better understanding of the pedestrian and traffic flows in congested areas during regular and irregular days. For example, road construction activities, sports and other events are causing a bottleneck or traffic jams.

We deliver simulation models and scenarios in settings and situations where trial and error  extrapolation are not possible or are very expensive.

What we offer:

  • Software Licenses
  • Software applications
  • Analytical Consultancy 
  • Training
  • Maintenance and support 

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