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Why simulation modelling? 

Our software is the premier comprehensive modeling, analysis, communication and decision support tool that meets today’s standards for dynamic engineering. It helps to analyze and predict the impact of business changes in terms of performance, people and profits. It is also a strong communication tool through visualization that gives insight to business processes, movement and to support implementation. It helps to avoid unnecessary risks by predicting the future performance of any business process.

Supply chain simulation

Are you designing, validating and optimizing your supply chain including specific issues related to manufacturing, (re-)allocation and logistics?

InControl software is the leading simulation software platform to assist and support in modelling and analyzing virtually any problem. The software allows you to find answers and insight without physically investing in the solution.

Crowd management simulation 

For all leading architects, engineers and consultants performing crowd risk analysis.  InControl crowd management simulation software is the premier state of the art simulation environment designed to model any kind of pedestrian infrastructure or environment.  Our software contributes to the customer experience, (cost) efficiency, innovation, safety and security of your event.

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