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For researchers

What we offer Academic and Research & Development institutes

Research & Development can be focused on a general, industry segment or specific customer related projects. If you are a PhD student or a researcher we offer:

  • Affordable simulation software licenses
  • A powerful simulation software platform with:
  • A large set of ready to use objects that can offer to model a wide range of processes,  which you can quickly set up a simulation model in your field of interest. 
  • Full access to the implementation of every object. Also, Implementation of Algorithms used are documented and can be found in the Help.
  • A simulation platform that allows you to build any kind of simulation model. 
  • Interact with external applications in many ways, including ActiveX, XML and raw socket connections.
  • Add DLLs in your preferred programming language.
  • A GUI Builder which allows you to quickly develop a user interface.
  • InControl can support/join you in your research.

In general, we offer Tripple Helix: partnerships combining the best of the Educational, Governmental and Commercial worlds supporting additional revenues.

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