InControl official Business Partner of Zeeuw & Zeeuw Feyenoord Basketball

InControl official Business Partner of Zeeuw & Zeeuw Feyenoord Basketball

As of this season InControl is proud Business Partner of Zeeuw & Zeeuw Feyenoord Basketball. With this partnership InControl will support the Feyenoord Basketball Scholarship, in which young talented basketball players are prepared for a career as a professional basketball player.

Paul de Vos, General Director Zeeuw & Zeeuw Feyenoord Basketball and Louis Schijve, CEO InControl

Paul de Vos, General Director Zeeuw & Zeeuw Feyenoord Basketball and Louis Schijve, CEO InControl

Feyenoord Basketball strongly believes in the development of talent and has therefore developed the Feyenoord Scholarship program ‘Becoming a Pro’. Two scholarships have been granted to two basketball talents Isai Sow and Philip Metz (both 19 years old). An important part of this program is media training and additional nutritional guidance. Even more important is that they train daily with the selection of coach Toon van Helfteren. 

Like Feyenoord, InControl invests in the development of talent, which is reflected in the tagline ‘Experience the Future’, and therefore InControl is confident that this sponsorship is a good fit.

As Zeeuw & Zeeuw Feyenoord Basketball is located in Rotterdam which has the largest port of Europe, InControl believes that with this Partnership they will not only stay connected with their Business Partners and Customers within the sports industry, but also within the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry.

Simulation Engineer

Simulation Engineer

Are you ready to solve diverse logistic puzzles using 3D simulation software?

As a simulation engineer you will work in our Simulation Team in order to meet the fast-growing demands of our national and international customers.  Based on our client’s demand you will develop predictive analytics using simulation applications and support the client in creating insight in the flow of goods or people in complex logistic processes. The markets can be industrial, logistics, transportation, sports & leisure. For instance:

  • A stadium for the super bowl or world cup
  • The baggage handling system of an airport
  • The largest train station of the US
  • The production facility of an airplane manufacturer
  • The supply chain logistics of major warehouses

The Simulation Team at InControl operates in a dynamic environment with a wide range of (inter)national projects helping them Experience the Future Today!

Your key responsibilities will be

  • Develop simulation models & applications for our clients
  • Perform detailed analysis with efficiency insights
  • Support our project engineers & consultants in client meetings
  • Develop technical reports
  • Provide user support for our software users
  • Support our development department in the ongoing development of our simulation products
  • Maintain an excellent knowledge of the market

The job requirements

  • An academic background, Experience in simulation .
  • Knowledge and/or experience in one (or more) of the following fields: industrial engineering, logistic engineering, civil engineering, transport planning, architecture & design
  • An eagerness to continuously improve yourself 
  • Knowledge of methods for quantitative research.
  • Ability to work and to function in multidisciplinary and international project teams. With the will to travel.
  • Excellent knowledge of the English language, both written and spoken
  • Innovative, Independent, Analytical and Ambitious.
  • Fulltime (40 hours / week) and as soon as possible available

The Company

InControl Enterprise Dynamics has been a leading developer of simulation software for 30 years. Our software platform is used worldwide for analysis and optimization of infrastructures, industrial processes and crowd management.

Our customers use our software to test, plan and control large-scale systems and infrastructures, such as baggage systems, container terminals, train stations, assembly lines, sports stadiums and large-scale events.

Our mission is to contribute to a safe and sustainable planet

Our offer

An attractive atmosphere within a dynamic and international organization. Your primary and secondary terms of employment meet the nowadays standards in every way. Salary commensurate with experience. 

Do you recognize yourself in this profile? Are you ready for a new step in your career and does the above position appeal to you? Then we would like to invite you to apply with us.

Send your CV and accompanying motivation to Monja Bonekamp,

For more information, call: 704-239-2234

INCONTROL supports communities with corona test track simulation

INCONTROL supports communities with corona test track simulation

During the Covid-19 pandemic, communities and municipalities in particular have to deal with many challenges. The preparation and planning of tests, training and vaccination locations are top of mind. Besides drive-in locations such as event centers, stadiums and public buildings have to be properly arranged, facilitated and people trained. 

Figure 1: Example of drive-in test facility

A municipality in Austria asked INCONTROL to support the organization of test tracks by delivering data, plans and insights. In this case the planned tests and training staff facility is a combined elementary and middle school.

Simulation and visualization can support and improve decision-making processes; they can support and visualize the design and optimize key processes, costs and provide feedback during every stage. INCONTROL contributes to the security issues and procedures as well. 

Test tracks for the upcoming Covid-19 swab tests has to be set up in a municipality in Austria and these should be evaluated and validated in advance. The thorough preparation is contributing to the test and training activities but forms a good set up for the vaccination activities as well. There are rooms available for this purpose at both schools, primarily organized on the ground floor. In this case a total of 6 test tracks are designed, planned and evaluated.

Figure 2: Middle and elementary school – test tracks 1 to 6

A test track includes: the outside waiting area, the registration and the test area. The flow of people should not cross, so separate entrances and exits and a marked route (one-way system) are specified in order to minimize personal contacts.

Figure 3: Example for test track 1 in detail

Compliance with the general distance rules and local protocols are taken into consideration in the entire test area and is also part of the simulation model and scenarios. In Austria, a personal indoor distance of 2 meters is applicable.

Information on the simulation with Pedestrian Dynamics® was made available to INCONTROL by the municipality, based on both scientific and empirical values. So in this case the assumption was that 1000 people per day (8 hours) has to be tested. Another assumption is that no values for the arrival distribution has to be taken into consideration. The documents required for registration will be announced in the waiting area and can be verified too. The registration should take place in 2 till 5 minutes and in the test area 3 minutes are accepted at each station.

To analyze the routes, simulation runs were carried out in order to check the capacities and distance regulations. The assumption described above was refuted on the basis of the simulation results; only 60% of the people can be tested in 8 hours. The capacity check has shown in this case that there is a lack of time and staff. In addition to the simulation experiments, necessary changes in the process were discussed directly with the community and health care representatives and adopted in the test planning, routing, staff training and real time execution.

Pedestrian Dynamics® is a leading crowd simulation tool that has been used for more than a decade to model large crowds in all types of infrastructure. Pedestrian Dynamics® helped answer questions about capacity, keeping in mind the safety and comfort related to crowded places.

Cities and municipalities are struggling with organizational and financial hurdles due to the Corona crisis. INCONTROL would like to get involved and support communities by not charging the usual daily rates for simulation engineers for this type of projects.

If you need support with the test streets and / or vaccination routes, check capacity with the Pedestrian Dynamics® simulation software and / or model according to COVID-19 measures and guidelines including physical distancing in any environment, please do not hesitate to contact us.