Enterprise Dynamics 10.5 released!

Enterprise Dynamics® 10.5 released!

Are you designing, validating, and optimizing your supply chain including specific issues related to manufacturing, (re-)allocation, and logistics? With simulation software and analysis, every production facility and all processes to supply materials can be thoroughly analyzed, monitored, and evaluated.

Enterprise Dynamics® is the leading simulation software platform to assist and support in modeling and analyzing virtually any problem. The software allows you to find answers and insight without physically investing in the solution.

We are happy to announce the latest release of our Supply Chain simulation software Enterprise Dynamics® 10.5!

Enterprise Dynamics® provides insight that helps to make informed decisions. It enables you to build business cases based on actual numbers of your organization. Use the 3-D visualization to improve the system and present the outcome of different scenarios, and the effect of each decision in a way people understand and can recognize in operation. Our software has all elements to help you find the most suitable solution for the above-mentioned challenges and many more. 

Since the previous release, our developers have worked hard on adding several new technical features, improving the user-friendliness of the software, and making the software more robust.

The main release highlights are:

  • Updated visualization components for Windows 11 to ensure the best working experience
  • Upgraded and improved 3D support files
  • Edited sleep modus
  • Updated exit screen to avoid losing your model
  • Settings for screen configurations to start the application easily

Download our release highlights document to read more details about the new improvements in Enterprise Dynamics® 10.5

Are you curious about what Enterprise Dynamics® can do for you, your organization, and your customers?

Please contact us, or try our software free of charge.

Webinar Creating Better, Safer, and more Sustainable environments

Webinar: Creating Better, Safer and More Sustainable Environments Creating Better, Safer, and more Sustainable environments through Crowd Management Simulation: optimizing design and operations. The benefits
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Simulation Engineer

Simulation Engineer Are you ready to solve diverse logistic puzzles using 3D simulation software? As a simulation engineer you will work in our Simulation Team
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Webinar Creating Better, Safer, and more Sustainable environments

Webinar: Creating Better, Safer and More Sustainable Environments

Creating Better, Safer, and more Sustainable environments through Crowd Management Simulation: optimizing design and operations.

The benefits of human and traffic flow simulation are clear: safer communities and more cost-effective development and operations. Through the digital environment of a simulation model, we can not only answer multiple questions related to the safety of our public spaces but also test alternatives before implementing design ideas, ultimately making better-informed and more sustainable decisions, and saving on costs and lives.

Together with Business Partner PMC, we will show you how our pedestrian and traffic simulation can play a key role in the planning and operations of many different environments:

  • Office and leisure spaces:Stadiums/Arenas, Convention Centers, Schools, Shopping Centers, Office Spaces/Buildings & Hotels
  • Major transportation hubs: Airports, Public Transit (Trains, Subways & Buses)
  • Urban environments:City centers, Surroundings of major attraction poles

Through crowd simulation, you can have a human-centric infrastructure design analysis for all kinds of situations, ranging from normal operations (circulation & advertising) to emergency scenarios such as evacuation, shelter-in-place, and active shooter. It allows you to explore “What If” scenarios unavailable under normal circumstances.

Not only do InControl and PMC help you create your simulation environment, but also provide insight into potential optimizations. If you’d like to see these simulations in action from our experts, join us:


Nicolas Alejandro Obeso – Industrial Engineer, PMC

Paula Godoy – Simulation Engineer, InControl

Pedestrian Dynamics® 4.1 released!

Pedestrian Dynamics® 4.1 released!

For all leading construction companies, architects, engineers, and consultants using crowd risk analysis. We are happy to announce the release of our crowd simulation software Pedestrian Dynamics® 4.1!

With Pedestrian Dynamics® you can increase customer experiences, decrease costs, and contribute to your innovation programs to contribute to more safe, secure, and sustainable infrastructures and events.

With the release of Pedestrian Dynamics® 4.1, the following improvements of the software are performed:

  • Increased user-friendliness
  • BIM improvements
  • New physical distancing feature for stands
  • New tutorials for recording videos and density output.

Increased user-friendliness and BIM improvements

To increase the user-friendliness several improvements are made which will help in model building, collecting data for an experiment but also give you an overview and control over the visualization. Moreover, the BIM import is improved to build models faster and easier. Also, adjustments have been made for Windows 11.

New physical distancing feature for stands

Around the world, we are struggling still with the effect of the COVID pandemic. Pedestrian Dynamics® simulation software today is used to implement physical distance and other pandemic rules and regulations. Already in Pedestrian Dynamics® 4.0, we introduced the physical distancing algorithm and included output to examine the proximity of agents. With this new release, we have added the feature to easily model seating areas when applying physical distancing. Due to the physical distancing rules, often not all seats in an area are allowed to use. Several properties have been added to a stand section to easily indicate which seats can be used and which should be unavailable.

New tutorials for recording videos and density output

Several improvements to our documentation are made. We have restructured our ‘Help’ file making it easier to find tutorials and ‘How to guides’ specific topics. These tutorials are now also easily accessible as PDFs via a drop-down menu on the ‘Help’ tab. We also added new documentation.

Download our release highlights document to read more details about the new improvements in Pedestrian Dynamics® 4.1. 

Curious what Pedestrian Dynamics® can do for you, your company, and your customers? Please contact us, or try our software free of charge.

How Simulation contributes to Liveable, Safe, and Sustainable cities

How simulation contributes to Livable, Safe, and Sustainable cities

Today about 50% of the world’s population lives in urban areas. Expected is, that by 2050 this number will increase to about 68%. Not only the numbers are increasing, but also the needs are getting more diverse. Urban environments are exciting places to live, work and unwind. But how do we combine all of these aspects in a city? These Metropolitan Areas are not only growing fast but also changing continuously. We have to act faster and more adequate to trends and specific circumstances; like ‘greener’ ways of mobility or – relevant as it is still today – meet physical distancing ruling. All the aforementioned affairs come together in the overall question: how do we facilitate the City of the Future? 

Together with its business partners, Accenture Singapore has created its vision for the Future of Cities. These Metropolitan Areas should not only be the economic powerhouses of our world but also livable, safe, and sustainable locations that are by design inclusive to each stakeholder. Accenture Singapore brings together the relevant expertise and the best of class technology in their recently launched Future of Cities Innovation Hub; focusing on Sustainability, Mobility, and Safety & Security. We, InControl, are both happy and proud to announce that our simulation software is contributing to this Singapore Innovation Hub. In this manner, we are not only committed to the jointly created vision of the Future of Cities but strengthen our company mission statement: ‘’To deliver simulation software for a safe and sustainable planet.’’

But… how exactly is simulation contributing to future cities? To design cities’ infrastructures optimally, a thorough understanding of logistical flows is essential. Not only the logistical flow of pedestrians but also related to goods, rolling stock, energy, and even waste. The simulation of these processes and specific dynamics and scenarios provide tremendous information which in turn gives answers to complex, logistical issues. Think of capacity management, urban planning, and safety & security. Not only can simulation be part of the design phase of urban infrastructures, but it also plays a major role in real-time control and planning of operations. Possible congested areas or other (potential) issues related to public safety and security can be foreseen in an early stage, enabling authorities to act adequately and fast.

For simulating these scenarios, Metropolitan areas and City Authorities are visualizing the infrastructure in a so-called ‘digital twin’. However, to make this digital representation as realistic as possible enormous amounts of data are needed. A powerful software platform is key to process all this data of pedestrians, bikes and vehicular (public) traffic flows. InControl’s simulation software platform Enterprise Dynamics® (including Pedestrian Dynamics®) enables authorities to gather, enrich and process data from several sources like mobile devices, road and parking systems, and even weather stations! A digital twin facilitates the optimization of all flows in a city or any other infrastructure, providing information, insights and allowing quantifiable comparison of scenarios. By having this better understanding of pedestrian and other (public) transportation flows in congested areas during both regular and irregular days. The impact of bottlenecks, queues, and unsafe settings during e.g. city (re)development, road construction activities, or sports and other events, can be predicted and limited in an early stage and – even better – be avoided!           

Besides providing an overview of the distinct scenarios for a certain area, the simulation model also provides so-called ‘heat maps’. These maps provide information about the level of services provided in a certain area where not only the safety of pedestrians can be analyzed but also their level of comfort. Via both the simulation scenarios and heat maps, concretely and easily can be determined whether KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are met.

With Simulation Software, InControl is not only contributing to the realization of City and Metropolitan Authorities’ goals but also providing a pleasant, safe, and secure setting for citizens, workers, and visitors. All around the world, for more than 30 years! Would you like to be fully in control of your urban infrastructure? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to tell you more about our experiences and expertise. 

For more information, please contact:

Read more about Accenture’s Innovation Hub in this article.

Online seminar Simulation & Education

Online seminar Simulation & Education

Together with Business Partner Integrate, InControl will host an online seminar Simulation & Education on Monday the 21st of March from 14:00 till 17:00 CET.

During this seminar the following topics will be discussed:

  • The role of simulation in Energy systems
  • The role of simulation in education and research at Aalborg University
  • Future developments and releases of Enterprise Dynamics®

The role of simulation in Energy Systems

As modern societies consume huge amounts of energy, which results in a negative impact on the environment, a focus on green energy is vital for our planet. It will be shown that simulation can play an important role in this energy transition.  

The role of simulation in education and research as Aalborg University

Aalborg University is ranked best in Europe within the field of Engineering, the program takes fourth place in the world! During the seminar guest speaker Professor Kenn Steger-Jensen from Aalborg University will explain the role of Simulation in education and research in their study program.

Future developments and releases Enterprise Dynamics®

InControl’s Product Manager, Harry Bunnik will get you up to speed with the latest developments of Enterprise Dynamics® and discuss future plans.

The Program

14:00 – 14:20     Welcome, introduction

Nienke Valkhoff, InControl

What InControl does for their educational customers

14:20 – 15:00    The role of simulation in Energy Systems

Daniel Karnøe, Logics

15:00 – 15:15     Short break

15:15 – 16:00     The role of simulation in education and research at Aalborg University

Prof. Kenn Steger-Jensen, Aalborg University, & Michael Sparre Sørensen, Integrate

What Aalborg University does in education and research using Simulation

16:00 – 16:30     Future developments and releases of Enterprise Dynamics®

Harry Bunnik, Product Manager Enterprise Dynamics®

16:30 – 17:00     Discussion – What do educational customers need from ED?

Join this online seminar and register here.

ASIM Award Ceremony

ASIM Award Ceremony 2021

Last month the 19th Event of the Simulation Working Group (ASIM, “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Simulation”) took place, this year online for the first time. The ASIM is the largest European simulation conference for production and logistics and presents trends, current developments, scientific work, and interesting applications in the industry every two years.

The Simulation Working Group (ASIM) is a technical committee of the Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI). The task of the ASIM is the promotion and further development of modeling and simulation in the basics and application as well as to improve the communication between theory and practice. Moreover, ASIM is a founding member of EUROSIM, the umbrella organization of European simulation societies. Therefore, the ASIM is the most important platform for developers and users of simulation in German-speaking countries.

Even though, this year the conference took place virtually the participation was as high as usual. There were approximately 180 participants who exchanged ideas in the topics of simulation in 4 parallel tracks and 70 specialist lectures.

As part of the conference the ASIM Jury calls for an outstanding thesis (Master, Bachelor or Diploma). This year, we congratulate our award winner Christina Gschwendtner from Söchtenau for her master’s thesis on simulation in construction. The main focus of the work is on the logistics of interior construction projects. As a loyal ASIM member, also this year InControl sponsored the award of €1.000,- together with SimPlan AG. 

(Christina Gschwendtner accepting her price virtually)

Project Manager

Project Manager

Are you looking for a job with responsibility and variety within the Dutch and International market? Do you have a technical background and get energy managing international projects? Are you a strong communicator, commercially minded and looking for a new challenge at one of the global players in simulation?

Then we are looking for you!

The Position

The Simulation Team at InControl operates in a dynamic environment with a wide range of (inter)national projects helping them Experience the Future Today!

The Project manager is responsible for high quality execution of implementation projects within InControl. Software-training and support & maintenance are part of the InControl portfolio. The Project Manager reports to the COO and operates in close cooperation with the Team Leaders and Simulation Engineers. He or she is primarily responsible for project execution and customer satisfaction. He or she teams with the other departments within InControl in order to provide fast and adequate services.

A selection of the responsabilities

  • Project management
  • High quality execution of projects
  • Coaching team members
  • An orderly project administration and reporting
  • Reports on a monthly base on: T(Time), F (Finance), Q(Quality), I(Information), O(organization) and R(Risk)/risk mitigation
  • Timely billing in cooperation with the Controller and in line with customer agreements
  • Management, maintenance and extension of professional network, knowledge, skills and training of departments’ employees.

The Company

InControl Enterprise Dynamics has been a leading developer of simulation software for 30 years. Our software platform is used worldwide for analysis and optimization of infrastructures, industrial processes and crowd management.

Our customers use our software to test, plan and control large-scale systems and infrastructures, such as baggage systems, container terminals, train stations, assembly lines, sports stadiums and large-scale events.

‘Our mission is to contribute to a safe and sustainable planet’

Our offer

InControl is a company that strongly believes in growth and offers its employees room for development. As an employee you are part of a growing, international company where there is room for your own input and ideas. Your primary and secondary terms of employment meet the nowadays standards in every way. Salary commensurate with experience.  It concerns a full-time employment at our head office in Woerden.

Do you recognize yourself in this profile? Are you ready for a new step in your career and does the above position appeal to you? Then we would like to invite you to apply with us.

Send your CV and accompanying motivation to Monja Bonekamp, jobs@www.incontrol.us

For more information, call +31 30 670 40 15



Simulation Engineer – Public Transport

Simulation Engineer Public Transport

Laat jij je graag uitdagen door klantvragen met een maatschappelijke relevantie? Wil je bijdragen aan de vraagstukken van grootstedelijke gebieden en een beter openbaar vervoer? Ben je in staat deze verantwoordelijkheid te koppelen aan de ontwikkeling van complexe algoritmiek en simulaties?

Dan willen wij jou graag in ons team!

Dit ga je doen

InControl is op zoek naar een Simulation Software Engineer in het Team Public Transport. In deze rol ben je verantwoordelijk voor de ontwikkeling van innovatieve simulatie toepassingen voor onze klanten in het publieke domein, van concept tot en met de implementatie. Je werkt hierbij aan het afbakenen van de klantvraag, tot het bouwen en draaien van een simulatiemodel. De klanten, zoals overheidsinstanties, vervoerders en infrabeheerders, gebruiken de simulaties om de “customer journey” prettiger en de logistieke processen op en rond het spoor efficiënter en veiliger te laten verlopen.

Zinvol werk dus, dat ook technisch en conceptueel uitdagend is en tezamen met professionele collega’s gedaan wordt in een inspirerende (inter)nationale omgeving.

Dit is wie wij zoeken

Het huidige team Simulatie Software Engineers bestaat uit mensen die hun passie voor techniek en softwareontwikkeling combineren met een oprechte interesse in het Openbaar Vervoer. We willen graag met je kennismaken als je:

  • beschikt over een afgeronde Academische technische opleiding (bijv. wiskunde, informatica, operations research, kunstmatige intelligentie, of equivalent);
  • ervaring en affiniteit hebt met software ontwikkeling, waarbij kennis van de gebruikte development stack uiteraard van groot belang is (C++, C#, MS SQL, Visual Studio, etc.);
  • voldoening haalt uit het oplossen van complexe (wiskundige/logistieke) puzzels en het ontwikkelen van (simulatie) softwaretoepassingen;
  • bij voorkeur al kennis opgedaan hebt van discrete event simulatie;
  • beschikt over communicatieve vaardigheden in het Nederlands (level C1 language proficiency) en Engels;
  • starter bent of reeds een aantal jaar werkervaring hebt;

We realiseren ons dat we veel van je vragen, maar hebben je ook veel te bieden!

Dit is wat wij bieden

Je werkt in een hoog gekwalificeerd en professioneel team samen met specialisten van de klant om de best passende simulaties te leveren. Hierbij bieden wij jou:

  • Ontwikkeling naar de nummer 1 specialist op jouw vakgebied
  • Volop groeikansen, zowel op technisch als persoonlijk vlak
  • Korte communicatielijnen met collega’s, partners en eindgebruikers maken je werk dynamisch
  • Uiteraard een prima beloning en secundaire arbeidsvoorwaarden, waaronder opleiding
  • Een werkplek in Utrecht of bij onze klanten, business partners of andere kantoren in het buitenland.

Hier ga je werken

InControl Enterprise Dynamics is al 30 jaar een toonaangevende ontwikkelaar van simulatie software. Ons softwareplatform wordt wereldwijd gebruikt voor analyse en optimalisatie van infrastructuren, industriële processen en crowd management.

Onze klanten gebruiken onze software voor het testen, plannen en besturen van grootschalige systemen en infrastructuren, zoals bagagesystemen, containerterminals, treinstations, assemblagelijnen, sportstadions en grootschalige evenementen.

‘Our mission is to contribute to a safe and sustainable planet’

InControl is een bedrijf die sterk gelooft in groei en biedt haar medewerkers ruimte voor ontwikkeling. Als medewerker maak je deel uit van een groeiend, internationaal bedrijf waar ruimte is voor eigen inbreng en ideeën. Het betreft een fulltime dienstverband op ons hoofdkantoor in Utrecht. 

Werken bij InControl doe je in een prettige werksfeer met leuke collega’s waar persoonlijke groei hoog in het vaandel staat.

Meer weten en solliciteren?

Ben je toe aan een nieuwe stap in je carrière en spreekt de bovenstaande functie je aan? Dan nodigen we je graag uit om bij ons te solliciteren.

Stuur een compacte brief met CV naar Monja Bonekamp: jobs@www.incontrol.us.

Meer informatie? Bel: 030 670 40 15.



Online seminar Simulation & Education

Online seminar Simulation & Education

Join us on Thursday the 21st of October for an insightful online German Seminar Simulation & Education.

During this seminar our simulation experts and guest speakers will discuss the following topics:

  • Digital Twin; the role of simulation in baggage handling at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
  • Simulation at HTL Leoben
  • Future developments of Enterprise Dynamics®

The program:

14:00 – 14:20            Welcome, introduction
Margit Thomsen, InControl
What does InControl do for their educational customers?

14:20–15:00               Digital Twin; the role of simulation in baggage handling at Schiphol
Harry Bunnik, InControl and Han Mackor, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

15:00 – 15:15            Break (15minutes)

15:15 – 16:00            Simulation at HTL Leoben                  
Dr. Thomas Messner, HTL Leoben, Austria
Experiences using Enterprise Dynamics® in simulation & education

16:00 –16:30             Enterprise Dynamics 10.4 release + Futures developments
Harry Bunnik, Product manager Enterprise Dynamics InControl                                                Han Mackor, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

16:30 – 17:00            Discussion – What do educational customers need from Enterprise Dynamics
Discussion with participants



Do you want to follow this online seminar? Register here! 

Please note that this Online Seminar will be in German.