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InControl is a premier manufacturer of analysis and control software for the safety and sustainability of critical infrastructures.

Our software solutions enable you to cope with time, costs, resources, productivity, reliability, safety and sustainability. Worldwide, our solutions are implemented in logistics, manufacturing, transportation and crowd management.

We support you with the ability to plan, design, built and test activities during integration, implementation and operational stages. We deliver our software and platform services based on one core engine: Enterprise Dynamics®. We maintain high quality standards of our software platform and services in close cooperation with our partners, universities, applied sciences and top tier Research Institutions.

Our history

InControl Business Engineers Consultancy Company for logistics simulation
European representative of Arena software
InControl and F&H simulations join forces and becomes InControl Enterprise Dynamics
From industrial simulation application towards our software platform Enterprise Dynamics
Introduction of Pedestrian Dynamics
Start building ERS platform
Industry 4.0 Industrial revolution – Connectivity
Release Pedestrian Dynamics 4.0 / ED 10.0
Founded in 1989


Louis T. Schijve
Founder, CEO and President
Jan A. Hofstede
CFO and Board Member
Frank van Poeteren
CCO and Board Member
Fred Jansma
Gary Gardner
Director of Safety and Security Applications

Mission: To deliver software solutions
that contribute to a safe and sustainable planet.


Pedestrian Dynamics 4.1 released!

Pedestrian Dynamics® 4.1 released! For all leading construction companies, architects, engineers, and consultants using crowd risk analysis. We are happy to announce the release of
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How simulation contributes to Livable, Safe, and Sustainable cities

How simulation contributes to Livable, Safe, and Sustainable cities Today about 50% of the world’s population lives in urban areas. Expected is, that by 2050
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